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An Unbranded Approach to Hospital Marketing 1-800-DOCTORS is a complimentary approach to branded hospital marketing. No matter how successful a hospital’s marketing campaign it cannot capture “patients on the move” like
1-800-DOCTORS. By its nature, branded advertising is designed to focus on the hospital image in the community. In contrast, unbranded advertising that uses 1-800-DOCTORS as the response mechanism for a call to action is focused on consumers looking for good doctors as well as diagnostic and wellness services.


Most hospitals have call centers, but few maximize their potential as a marketing medium. Since one out of four callers to a hospital call center becomes a patient within twelve months of the call, it’s important to utilize the call center as a communications channel for consumers seeking new medical providers.


The most intuitive and easy-to-remember number in healthcare is 1-800-DOCTORS.


Download Customer Testimonials >> Meridian Health System Letter [PDF, 1.2 MB]


Increasing Doctor Referrals
  • Based on past history, 1.5% to 3.5% of the population in a hospital service area will call
  • 70% of calls to 1-800-DOCTORS will result in doctor referrals


    A 1-800-DOCTORS License Provides a Significant Return on Investment
  • 1-800-DOCTORS can deliver an average of a 10 :1 ROI
  • 1-800-DOCTORS can pay for itself with only 2-3 patients per month