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frequently asked questions

Question: Our hospital has a great toll free number. Why should we invest in another vanity telephone number?


Answer: Most toll free telephone numbers are not premier vanity telephone numbers which
spell a word associated with the service. Although a toll-free telephone number may
incorporate elements of a hospital’s name, it will not create an association between the
number and the objective - which is to find a doctor. Some hospitals use a toll free number associated directly with the hospital to promote the hospital and its services specifically, and
use the 1-800-DOCTORS premier vanity number to create unprecedented demand for their doctors and their doctors’ specific services. Both approaches can be used together to achieve different objectives.


Question: We already receive thousands of calls annually in our hospital call center. How can 1-800-DOCTORS bring more calls for doctor referral than we are currently receiving?


Answer: A premier vanity telephone number containing a word that suggests a service, like
1-800-DOCTORS, has been proven over and over to generate from 40% more calls to 800% more calls than a less memorable toll-free telephone number. Also, the consumers who call
1-800-DOCTORS are looking for a doctor – not a hospital. Historical data demonstrates that the 1-800-DOCTORS power vanity number is capable of generating calls equal to 1.5% to 3.5% of the total population in a hospital’s service area.


Question: We have a telephone number that spells our name which we are “branding” in the community. Why would our hospital want to use another brand?


Answer: Your hospital’s brand is ideal for communicating what your hospital stands for and what a patient should expect from your hospital. You may be fortunate enough to have a brand that translates well into a telephone number and is memorable and easy-to-use. However, there are several applications where your hospital brand is simply not as effective as the most memorable and recalled number in the healthcare industry, “1-800-DOCTORS”. There are consumers who do not know your brand; there are consumers who know you, but do not use the brand to find a doctor; and, there are consumers who may know your brand, but wish to use a third party to locate a doctor. All of these are situations where 1-800-DOCTORS could be more effective than the hospital brand.


Question: We have spent a lot of money over the years to market our brand. Why should we allocate any portion of it to another brand?


Answer: 1-800-DOCTORS is a great response mechanism that can generate results your
own brand cannot. You can determine how much of your communications resources you
would allocate to support the hospital brand vs. the 1-800-DOCTORS opportunity. The
1-800-DOCTORS telephone number has demonstrated the ability to capture calls from a significant portion of the market population. Unless your hospital owns 100% of its market,
these are callers who are not calling your telephone number today. When they call
1-800-DOCTORS, they will be referred to your call center. Using 1-800-DOCTORS on your advertisements is not dilutive of your hospital brand – it is just a stronger response
mechanism that is able to deliver a larger number of calls.


Question: Why would a consumer call 1-800-DOCTORS instead of calling our well-advertised hospital toll-free number?


Answer: 1-800-DOCTORS is the most memorable telephone number in healthcare. It is intuitive and represents what the consumer is looking for – a doctor referral. In addition, some consumers don’t want to call hospitals for a doctor referral. They are seeking a less biased approach to finding a doctor.


Question: We already refer patients to our doctors. How will 1-800-DOCTORS enhance the relationships we have already have with our doctors?


Answer: A survey of hospital CEOs identified hospital-doctor relations as one of the three top priorities of the hospital. When a hospital markets its “brand”, it’s all about the hospital – not the doctor. Using 1-800-DOCTORS as a response mechanism puts your doctors up front. This is their telephone number delivered as a courtesy of your hospital.


Question: Our advertising and marketing budget is already allocated to building our brand. We don’t have the budget to increase advertising using 1-800-DOCTORS.


Answer: Your hospital can own this powerful marketing tool exclusively in its service area and the revenue it will generate annually, for a small fraction of the cost for such a number. The real question is, based on the ROI the number can deliver, can your hospital afford NOT to own this number exclusively in your market area?


Question: Our call center is already working to capacity. How could we possibly handle the volume of calls projected by 1-800-DOCTORS?


Answer: 1-800-doctors now has it’s own call center devoted exclusively to physician referral for hospitals. If your hospital wants to significantly increase patient referrals to physicians and your call center is unable to accept more calls, 1-800-DOCTORS will handle all your physician referral calls leaving your call center free to manage your other call center requirements.


Question: If we were to use the 1-800-DOCTORS telephone number in our advertising, how do we know that it will not benefit hospitals outside our service area?


Answer: Another 1-800-DOCTORS licensee could benefit from your advertising in an adjacent market that your hospital does not serve. However, the converse is true. Your hospital will benefit from the spillover advertising of any other 1-800-DOCTORS licensees. But most important, remember that if a caller identifies one of your zip codes as the location where they are seeking a provider, your hospital will get the call regardless of where the caller saw the telephone number advertised.


Question: Will 1-800-doctors engage in any independent advertising?


Answer: Yes. All licensees will benefit from this effort at no additional cost.


Question: Will 1-800-doctors supply our hospital with any content for our advertising and marketing campaign?


Answer: Yes. 1-800-doctors provides its licensees an advertising and marketing “tool kit” containing radio, TV, outdoor and print advertisements. These professionally produced advertisements are available at a fraction of the production cost the hospital is currently paying.