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license provisions

  • Licenses are being offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Licensees have the EXCLUSIVE right to receive all calls to the 1-800-DOCTORS telephone number from consumers seeking providers from within the hospital’s service area or territory.
  • Licensees have the EXCLUSIVE right to use the 1-800-DOCTORS premier vanity telephone number on all forms of hospital advertising and marketing in the hospital’s service area.
  • Licensees have a perpetual option to continue the License.
  • Licensees have the right to terminate the license at any time on 90 days written notice.


Other Benefits

  • Hospitals will realize the synergy of other licensees’ advertising programs
  • Hospitals will become part of a Network with a powerful competitive advantage
  • Hospitals will grow with the Network. The 1-800-DOCTORS Hospital Network will offer its licensees:
– significant savings in creative advertising and marketing materials – discounted media costs– sponsorship opportunities